2020 ktm 350 xc f review

For the rider who wants to hit the trails on a cc motorcycle that has lots of the same features as a motocross bikebut has some off-road-specific components to make it more suited to tighter, more obstacle-filled terrain and longer rides, one such option is the KTM XC-F. KTM was one of the first manufacturers to introduce a cc cross-country model to its lineup, and in the years since then, other brands have followed suit.

2020 KTM 450 xcf dirtbike test ride and review. KTM Demo Days 2020

Dirt Rider gathered the four cc cross-country motorcycles for a comparison test in and praised the XC-F for its powerful yet easy-to-ride engine, nimble handling characteristics, and Brembo hydraulic clutch and brakes.

Inside the engine is a new piston with a reworked shape that is designed to provide improved performance and reliability. Cosmetic changes in the form of new graphics are the final change made to the XC-F for Menu Sign Up. Cycle World.

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Search Search. Rake: Fuel Capacity: 2.

2021 KTM Off-Road XC-W XCF-W And EXC-F First Look

Dry Weight: lb. Latest Bikes. Gear and Products. Ienatsch Tuesday. Roberto Marchesini, Liquid-cooled SOHC single-cylinder. Fully adjustable; Theand four-strokes have also been unveiled. All also have six-speed gearboxes, aside from the The compact SOHC engine delivers explosive power in a smooth, usable delivery that suits both weekend riders and seasoned racers alike.

With power that rivals cc machines and class handling, the KTM XC-F is a force to be reckoned with in any closed-course, offroad contest.

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A compact engine cranks out unbelievable amounts of power while traction control, launch control and selectable maps make all that power useable. Updated suspension damping settings and engine refinements take the KTM XC-F to a level that other class offroad bikes have trouble matching. With class-leading power no one can rival, the KTM XC-F is a force to be reckoned with in any closed-course, offroad contest.

Updated suspension damping settings, a new redesigned and refinements to the motor make this the ultimate offroad motorcycle. The benefits are clear: besides huge improvements in fuel efficiency and exhaust emissions, the system also removes the need for pre-mixing fuel and re-jetting, meaning that with less effort, the engine always runs smoothly and crisply. The XC TPI features a powerful yet smooth two-stroke engine fitted in a state-of-the-art chassis.

The stellar performance of the lightweight 2-stroke engine makes it a true contender for offroad racing. You might also like More from author. Industry News. Ron's Wrap. Bike Tests. Prev Next. Follow Us dirtbikemag. Close this module. This website uses cookies to improve your experience.

We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Accept Reject Read More. Necessary Necessary.Let me think. Dirt bikes!

2020 ktm 350 xc f review

Yeah, it definitely needs more dirt bikes. Enduros and motocross are after all what the Orange brand is best-known for. The company decided to revive its XCF-W with two new off-road dedicated models. The W and are, as previously stated, based off of the EXC-F andstripped of all the road-friendly features mirrors and lights.

The Ws receive the same chassis upgrades as the other models in the lineup including a stiffer frame and a longer subframe. They borrow from the EXC-F's most recent upgrades the lighter engine case, six-speed Pankl transmission, shorter exhaust, and selectable maps, among other things. Both models are perched on a set of WP Xplor mm front fork and rear shock suspension and stopping power is provided by Brembo calipers with wave discs.

2020 ktm 350 xc f review

The receives a redesigned cylinder head and crankshaft, as well as a shorter piston and cylinder, which helps decrease the weight and increase compression ratio. This allows the to weight in at lb while the only adds three pounds to the scale, clocking in at lb.

The two singles have also been remapped for a slightly more aggressive output. The new dirt bikes are expected to show up on the market over the summer. Pricing has yet to be announced. By : Sabrina Giacomini. Because the Orange family needs more off-road models.

Gear Review: Cardo Packtalk Black. Commenting Guidelines. About this article Category Off Road. Sign In or Sign Up. Off Road.Remember Me? Advanced Search. Forum The Big Bikes - Everything you ever wanted to know about them. Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Thread: New xcf-w. New xcf-w Put a deposit down on my new whip. Should be one the first ones around here. Dealer has a few Tpi W models on the floor but no 4 strokes yet.

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Should see it in 3 weeks. I'll be sure to put up a ride review of the new xplor suspension for Dealer said it's getting great reviews from some the guys with W tpi bikes. Much much better then previous years. Also new is only 3 lbs heavier then a tpi. Cant wait!

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Just miss my old 13 xcfw. The was great but I just love that planted front wheel feel and straight line stability and confidence a 4 stroke gives. Besides the older I get the more strokes I need to get the job done. Last edited by swaan; at PM. Krooztune shock kit.

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Vortex and deleted! Best bike ever!!For off-road and trail riding we have always really liked the PDS once its dialed in. It appears the new EXC-F and XCF-W receive very similar updates that the current SX and XC race bikes received a few seasons back but some of the specs are not exactly the same since their performance goals are different.

The new chassis is said to be stiffer, new updated plastics, the engine receives the 15mm lower head, new head stays, 40 mm longer subframe for less fender flex and so on. Check out the complete list below.

So in a nutshell the ultra-popular EXC-F Dual Sport is pretty much a new motorcycle for or more similar in some regards to the current SX with some exceptions. Like stated above, suspension in the rear is a PDS and a new updated Xplor fork up front and bettered catered to off-road and trial riding.

Compression ratio is increased from Check out all of the updates below. These machines feature updated high-performance engines, a new chassis with improved WP XPLOR suspension, improved handling, new bodywork, new air filter box, new cooling system, and new exhaust systems. Bikes will be arriving in North American dealers this summer. Support DBT, Shop and search for products through the link below:.This bummed out our vet riders.

The XC-F took the win for one simple reason: same power, broader palette.

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Fifth gear is relatively close, and, of course, with a sixth cog, you have additional top-end speed. It uses the same CSS clutch coil spring steelwith a durable steel basket and eight clutch plates with steel carrier discs. The Brembo hydraulic system has a new master cylinder that offers a great pull with good feel and precise modulation. KTM has upped the quality of the wire harness and now fits the connectors with enclosed rubber boots.

We fit an optional PowerParts map-select switch under the saddle that offers a standard map, a soft or slick terrain map, and a hard or boost map. Like the SX line, the XCs use rear linkage. The design provides constant and sensitive characteristics to the damping, and all adjustments are made on the top of the fork via star adjusters.

The compression damping is on the left and rebound is on the right. They wanted more feel, but they wanted it to remain stiff enough to handle the versatile world it was bred for.

The frame, subframe, airbox, bars and plastic are the same as on the SX machines. The tank is larger 2. The XC uses Brembo brakes with wave rotors and a new master cylinder smaller piston.

This, with the new brake-pad material, equals stronger power at the lever. Also, the XC rear wheel now uses the larger axle common to the SX and is snugged via a 32mm axle nut. One note here: if you have a spare wheel, it still works; you simply have to swap out the rear wheel spacers.

The first place we rode in the dirt after shooting studio shots was the tight confines of the high desert, where a series of nasty summer storms had stripped the dirt down to rock.

2020 KTM 350 EXC-F vs. 350 XCF-W Comparison

The hills remained powdery, and the traction factor was vague. Here are our thoughts. Power: The power is strong down low. The new muffler hurt bottom power slightly, though the racket seemed to be cut in half. The gearing for trail work pretty much matches the powerband dead-on. First gear is nice for tight, ugly tractor work. Second is too tall for tight singletrack, but nice when the trail opens up. Spacing is excellent, and sixth is tall, making it good for transport zones.

We did try going to a 52 rear sprocket 50 is stockand this did lower second gear into a more useable area, though we found ourselves trying to lug it. The toother stays. The wants you to push.

KTM Launches New 350 And 500 XCF-W Dirt Bikes For 2020

Aggressive tendencies were rewarded as the suspension chewed harder on the trail hack. The bike stayed planted, cornered better, and ultimately had us hooking up and hauling timber.Forchanges were minimal. The fork is still an air fork and most of the internals are the same front and rear between the two components, but WP felt they made a big enough change to rename the line of suspension.

The F class is often dominated by a strong motor package and KTM is bringing a competitive platform to the small bore class. The katoom has a decent bottom and enough torque to get by, but as the RPMs build, the motor comes to life.

Similar to the bigger KTM four-strokes, it has a very linear powerband where there are no big surges or drop offs, but a strong climb from bottom to top where you seemingly never can find the rev limiter.

Our rule of thumb aboard this bike is when you think you need to shift, count to three. In the transmission, KTM uses a semi-close ratio 6-speed gearbox with being evenly spaced before a large jump up to 6th. Setting up suspension on an off-road bike is nearly impossible from a manufacteurs standpoint. Two very different scenarios that require two very different suspension settings.

However, KTM is attacking the four-stroke class with a little stiffer setup. The WP XACT components have a stiffer nature on this bike and were able to handle faster, rougher sections that we might typically see on one of our rides in SoCal. We ran the sag at mm which is something I grew to like more than the typical mm for a little more stability and to help keep the rear end lower upon corner entrance albeit slowing the steering a bit.

Additionally, the fork air pressure was run at the standard 9. During testing, no significant changes were made. We traveled from the deserts of Barstow to the moto and off-road portions of Cahuilla Creek MX and never felt the need to change clickers or air pressure. The bike is very nimble and agile, almost cc two-stroke like. At times it is welcomed, and at other times it is not.

2020 ktm 350 xc f review

The bike suffers a little bit on square edges and small harsh chop where a bigger, heavier bike will not react as much due to its weight keeping it planted. Of course, the brakes work as well as any and the hydraulic clutch feels and works as it should.

It has a strong engine package that favors the aggressive, high revving riders in a class where a motor plays a critical role in the bikes success. Additionally, the suspension setup follows suit where its stiffer nature tends to agree with being ridden at a faster pace. The changes were very limited for with the suspension components receiving most of the attention.

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